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Savings Calculator

Savings Calculator

Financial Savings Calculator


CD Calculator

Single Deposit

Single Deposit Savings Calculator

Monthly Deposit

Monthly Savings Calculator

Periodic Deposit

Periodic Savings Calculator

Compounding Comparison

Compounding Comparison Savings Calculator

Opportunity Cost

Opportunity Cost Calculator

Spending Cost

Periodic Opportunity Cost

Lifetime Earnings

How Much Will I Earn in My Lifetime?

Wage Conversion

Hourly / Yearly Wage Conversion Estimator

Withdrawal vs Compounding

Interest Withdrawal vs Compounding Calculator

Savings Goals

Savings Goal Tracker Calculator

Goal Timeline

Savings Goal Timeline Calculator

Lump Sum Savings

Required Lump Sum Deposit

College Funding

College Savings Planner Calculator


Million Dollar Savings Goal Timeline


Inflation & Tax Adjusted Savings Calculator

Basic Calculator

Basic Calculator

Fixed Interest Loan Calculator


Amortization Calculator With Extra Payments


Biweekly Loan Calculator

Compare Loans

Loan Comparison Calculator


Personal Loan Calculator

Bad Credit

Bad Credit Loan Calculator

Remaining Balance

Loan Balance Calculator

Missing Variable

Loan Calculator With Missing Variable

Credit Qualification

Credit Line Qualifier

Principal vs Interest

Loan Principal vs Interest Breakdown Calculator

Interest Only

Interest Only Loan Payment Calculator

Debt Calculator

Debt Calculator

Debt Payment Calculator

Debt Ratio

How to Figure Debt to Income Ratio


Debt Amortization Calculator

Accelerated Payoff

Accelerated Debt Payoff Calculator

Debt Payoff Goal

Debt Payoff Goal Calcuator

Average Interest

Average Interest Rate Calculator

Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation Calculator

Consolidation Savings

Debt Consolidation Savings Calculator

Budget Overview

Budget Overview

Budget Breakdown Calculator

Hourly Wage

Figure Your Hourly Wage After Work Expenses

Cash Flow

Personal Cash Flow Calculator

Irregular Payments

Irregular Payments Budget Calculator


Tipping Calculator


Income Spending Breakdown Calculator

Quit Smoking

Stop Smoking Cigarettes & Save Money

Meat Cost

Estimate Meat Cost Per Serving

Phone Cost

Long-Distance Calling Cost Calculator

Appliance Cost

Appliance Operating Costs

Generic vs Brand

Save Money Buying Generic Store Brand Products

Brown Bag Savings

Brown Bag Lunch Money Savings Calculator


Account Reconciliation Calculator

Car Loans

Car Loans

Car Loan Calculator


Car Refinance Calculator

Pay Biweekly

Biweekly Auto Loan Calculator

Compare Terms

Car Payment Comparison Calculator

Rebates & Specials

Auto Rebates vs Low Interest Dealer Financing

Credit Unions

Compare Low APR vs Car Loan Rebates

Auto or HELOC

Compare Auto Loans Versus Home Equity Loans

Bad Credit

Poor Credit Car Payment Calculator

Loan Comparison

Compare Auto Loan Rates

Car Affordability

Calculate Vehicle Affordability

Ownership Cost

Total Cost to Operate a Vehicle

Compare Cars

Total Cost of Ownership Comparison for Cars

Auto Lease

Car Lease Payment Calculator

Lease or Buy

Auto Lease or Buy Calculator

Gas Budget

Yearly Cost of Gasoline Budget Calculator

Cheap Gas

Gas Station Savings Calculator

Trip Planning

Transportation Savings Calculator


Car MPG Calculator

Credit Cards

Compare Cards

Compare Top Credit Card Offers

Paying Minimum

Credit Card Minimum Payments Calculator

Fixed vs Minimum

Fixed vs Minimum Credit Card Payments

Interest vs Principal

Credit Card Interest/Principal Calculator



Inflation Calculator

Portfolio RoR

Portfolio Rate of Return Calculator

Income Properties

Residential Investment Calculator

1031 Exchange

1031 Exchange Properties

1031 Deadlines

1031 Exchange Deadlines

Taxable vs Deferred

Taxable vs Tax-deferred Calculator