College Savings Planner Calculator

ENTER: The name of the student you are making college plans for
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ENTER: The amount you currently have set aside to fund 's future college education
ENTER: The amount you expect to get from outside sources (grants, gifts, financial aid, etc.)
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The current annual cost of attending college. Or, select the college type and the field will be completed for you (amount includes tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, transporation, and other expenses)

Start year

This is the year will be starting college.

Future tuition cost

Using a 5% annual inflation rate this is how much you will need to have saved by the time starts college ()

Current savings FV

This is how much your present savings will grow to, assuming an 5% annual growth rate

Future savings/funding

This is the combined total of your present saving's future value and the funding from outside sources

Total savings gap

This amount is the difference between how much you have available and how much you will need, i.e., the amount you still need to come up with

Monthly deposit required

Assuming an 5% annual growth rate, this is how much you will need to deposit to 's college fund each month, between now and September of

Percent of annual Income

Assuming your income keeps pace with inflation, this is the percentage of your gross income you will need to invest annually until enters college